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How to detect the temperature of copper processing machine

The copper bar processing machine is mainly suitable for high and low voltage switchgear and transformer manufacturing industries, and is used to process various specifications of copper and aluminum bus bars. As long as the busbar punching, shearing and folding can be performed on the corresponding processing unit, the production efficiency is high. Next, I will introduce you to the method of detecting the temperature of the copper bar processing machine. I hope it will help you.

آلة busduct.jpg  With the development of modern science and technology, new requirements are continuously put forward for ultra-precision machining technology. The development of precision machining to ultra-precision machining is the direction of the development of the world's industrial powers. The precision of copper processing machine ranges from micron level to sub-micron level and even nanometer level, and its application range is becoming more and more extensive. The first method of temperature monitoring is to apply a layer of luminescent material that changes color with temperature on the surface of the electrical contact, and to roughly determine the temperature range by observing its color change. This method has low accuracy and poor reliability, and cannot be quantitatively measured.
  According to the characteristics of temperature measurement in high-voltage operating environment, the copper bus processing machine bus and electrical contact temperature measurement device adopt local temperature measurement, and the data is sent to the ground remotely and processed by the computer. The busbar is at a high potential. At present, there are few domestic instruments dedicated to the measurement of high-voltage busbars and electrical contact heating.

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